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臧大化(David Tsang)

David Tsang, managing member and co-founder of SVT Angels, has been a veteran of the semiconductor industry since the 1960s. Mr. Tsang recently served as chairman of Oak Technology, which he founded and brought to IPO in 1995 (NASDAQ:OAKT). He also founded Data Technology Corporation, manufacturer of disk controllers and high-density disk drives. From 1979 to 1987 he filled a number of key roles at Data Technology Corporation, including president, chief executive officer, and chairman. He additionally co-founded Xebec, another manufacturer of disk controllers. He remained with Xebec from 1974 to 1979.

He brings to Acorn Campus the experience and skills necessary to build the company into a premier technology incubator and fund. Mr. Tsang has an impressive track record in attracting, evaluating, and advising portfolio companies, drawing on his considerable experience in communications, marketing, business development, product-planning, program management, and general operations management.

Mr. Tsang holds an MSEE from Santa Clara University and an honors PhD from International Technical University.