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邱俊邦(Chun-Pang Chiu)

Mr. Chiu is an Engineer, Technologist, Entrepreneur and Angel Investor. He have been based in the Silicon Valley for over 40 years, starting in 1971, when he joined a start-up company, Cal-Tex Semiconductor Inc. He was one of the starting members involved in developing the industry’s first single-chip memory calculator. Between 1971-1980, Mr. Chiu had also worked at Nitron, AMI, and the Hewlett-Packard Co., engaged in the design and development of calculators, DRAM, non-volatile memory, and PC chip sets,

In 1980, together with other Taiwanese HP alumnus, Mr. Chiu co-founded Integrated Device Technology (IDT) (NASDAQ: IDTI).  The team brought IDT to its IPO in 1984, and two years later, Mr. Chiu switched his career path from engineering to sales and marketing, in charge of developing the Japan and Far East markets. During this time, he established IDT K.K. in Tokyo, and successfully penetrated a tough Japanese market.

After leaving IDT in 1988, Mr. Chiu then went on to co-founded Quality Semiconductor Inc (QSI) in 1989, focusing on developing user-friendly logic, specialty memory, and networking chips. As President, CEO, and Chairman of QSI, he leads the company to its IPO in 1994. In 1999, Mr. Chiu retired, when QSI merged with IDT.

Since 1995, Mr. Chiu has also invested in many high-tech companies as an angel investor. In addition to fundraising, Mr. Chiu also assists and advises start-ups in building up their companies. One of his most significant successes to date, is working as a board member and advisor with NetScreen Technology Inc. – a network security start-up that went to its IPO (2001) in less than 4 years with a $1.2 billion valuation. He was also board member of Protego Networks (Acquired by CISCO in 2005), Provilla Networks (Acquired by Trend Micro in 2007) and Azalea Networks (Acquired by Aruba Networks in 2010). He is now involved in several private companies and Venture Capital firms, as a board member or advisor. He was on the advisory board for AsiaTech , Technology Associates, and Global Alliance (Japan). He is currently a senior advisor of InnoBridge Capital Management.

He was also invited to be a member of the Auditing Board (監事) of ITRI (工研院)in Taiwan from 2006 to 2008, as well as a Board member of the North America ITRI between 2008 to 2015.

Mr. Chiu has also been involved with a few technical organizations.

Between 1996 to1999, he was a board member of the “Monte Jade Technology Association”, and he was also a founding member of the “North American Taiwanese American Engineering Association” (NATEA) in 1991. In 2003, Mr. Chiu co-founded the “Silicon Valley Taiwanese American Industrial Technology Association” (TAITA-SV), and served as its President between 2003-2005.

He was invited to the “National Policy Advisor to the President of Taiwan” in 2016, helping Taiwan’s  high tech industry connecting to the Silicon Valley.

Mr. Chiu was born and raised in Taiwan, and moved to Japan during his high school years. He later graduated from Waseda University (早稲田大学) in 1964 with BSEE, and a MSEE focus on Power System operation in1966. After working in Japan for a few years, he moved to the US, where he received a MSEE from Oregon State University.

Chun-Pang Chiu     邱俊邦  

邱俊邦曾擔任過工程師、科學技術人員、企業家,現為天使投資人。矽谷經歷始於1971年,設計業界最早電子計算機單芯片積體電路。1971至1980期間曾任職於多間公司從事於DRAM、EPROM 及 HP 個人電腦晶片組的設計及開發,1980與友人共同創立IDT,開發CMOS 高速低電力SRAM 並於1984上市。1989年創立QSI 開發特殊記憶體及網絡晶片,擔任執行長及董事長並於1994年上市。除了參與積體電路晶片的設計與開發外,也參與市場開發,於1986年在東京成立IDTI KK 開發日本及亞洲市場。1995年開始,邱俊邦擔任天使投資者,協助多家新創公司的經營及資金的取得。1990年代參與北美台灣工程師協會的成立,1997-99年擔任美西玉山科技協會理事,2003年共同創立矽谷台美產業科技協會(TAITA)並任首任會長。 2006年至2008年受邀擔任工研院監事工研院創新投資公司董事。2008年至2015 擔任北美工研院理事。2006 邱俊邦在台灣生長,於高中期間移居日本,並於1964年早稻田大學取得電機工程學學士,1966電力系統工程碩士, 隨後移居美國並於奧瑞岡州立大學完成碩士学位、


2017 6月受邀担任國策顧問

1995 – 2017:

** 天使投資人:共投資近100家新創公司,


Gric Communication, Altigen, ESS Technology, Abovenet,

NetScreen Technology.


如Armorize (Proofpoint), Azalea (Aruba Network), Provilla (Trend Micro), Protego (Cisco).ArcSoft等等

** 約20數家尙在營運中

** 1997-2002 :擔任NetScreen Technology董事,協助公司營運及Fund Raising 2001年在NASDAQ 以US$1.2 Billion 上市

** 2004-2010: 擔任Protego, Provilla, Azalea 蕫事。

** 擔任董事或顧問,參與新創公司的策略,資金取得及長期規劃等。


** 創立Quality Semiconductor Inc. (QSI), 䦕發高速低雜音邏輯及特殊記憶体晶片,高速網路晶片(Fast Ethernet Chip) 等等。

** 擔任總經理、執行長及蕫事長並於1994 帶領公司於NASDAQ 上市。

** 1996年在澚洲雪棃成立 Quality Semiconductor Australia (QSA) 設立6吋半導體晶圓廠

** 1999年與 Integrated Device Technology (IDT) 合併後退休從事於天使投資。


** 與三位 HP 同事共同創立 Integrated Device Technology (IDT), 開發

CMOS 低電力 SRAM, DSP, specialty Memory 等。

** 専注於技術及産品開發

** 1984年於NASDAQ 上市

** 1986 於東京成立 IDT KK,開發日本及亜洲市場。


** 先後工作於3M,TRW,CAL-Tex Semiconductor,AMI,HP 等公司。

** 1969-1971 從事於 Magnetic Tape Driver, Credit Card verification System 的開發。

** 1971-1974 設計業界最早的單晶片電子計算機,1K DRAM,電子手錶晶片。

** 1974-1980 開發不揮発性記憶晶片EPROM, 設計 HP Calculator晶片,HP Mini Computer Chip Set 及 HP PC Chip Set.

1964-1967 :

** 三菱電機神戶製作所,中部電力公司水力發電所實習

** 電力中央技術研究所實習,將東京電力系統以Digital Computer 作Power System Simulation, Optimum Control and Economic



** 2017 6月受邀担任國策顧問

**  2017受敦邀担任工研院創新投資公司蕫事

** 2008-2017 InnoBridge Venture Capital Management 資深顧問。

** 2008-2015工研院北美公司董事

** 2007-2008 擔任台湾工研院監事, 工研院創新投資公司蕫事

** 2004 受邀參加矽谷退休 CEO Club-New Venture Club (NVC)

** 2000-2004 擔任Asia Tech Venture, Technology Associate, Global Alliance (Japan) 顧問

** 2003 與多位矽谷台湾科技創業家創立台美產業科技協會 (TAITA) 擔任創會會長以台湾優先為主旨, 促進台美科技企業交流

** 1997-1999 擔任美西玉山科技恊会理事並於1999年帶領40多名年青玉山会員訪問台湾科技公司

** 1991 與多位矽谷台湾工程師創立北美台湾工程師學會 (NATEA)


台灣 :   師大附中肆業

日本 :   早稻田大學電氣工學科學士


美國:   Oregon State University MSEE

Chun Chiu is a Senior Advisor at AsiaTech Management LLC. He has over 30 years of experience in the high tech industry in Silicon Valley. His current interests include assisting entrepreneurs and investors in starting and building successful businesses.

One of his most significant accomplishments was to incubate NetScreen Technologies Inc. by forming and shaping the company, raising funds, and building the management team. Mr. Chiu was an angel investor who sat on the Board from the early days of the company and leaving the Board after NetScreen’s initial public offering in late 2001.

Mr. Chiu started his career as an IC Design Engineer, with involvement in developing the industry’s first single chip calculator and watch in the early 1970s. Subsequently, he led a team to develop and introduce EPROM products. In 1976, he joined Hewlett-Packard and engaged in the development of personal computer chips. In 1980, Mr. Chiu Co- Founded Integrated Device Technology, Inc., where he developed hi-speed, low-power CMOS static RAM, as well as hi-speed DSP chips such as the 16-bit multiplier or accumulator. In 1986, while still at IDT, Mr. Chiu switched tracks from engineering to business and successfully established the Asia-Pacific market, as well as penetrating a tough Japanese market. In 1988, he left IDT and founded Quality Semiconductor Inc. (QSI), where he served as the President, Chief Execurive Officer, and Chairman. Mr. Chiu brought QSI to its IPO in 1994 and eventually merged QSI into IDT in 1999. He is a Member of Advisory Board at Protego Networks Inc. Mr. Chiu is also on the Boards or Advisory Boards at Global Alliance, Inc.; Technology Associates Management Corporation; SOHOWARE, Inc.; SOLUS Networks, Inc.; and Ortega InforSystems, Inc.

Mr. Chiu received a B.S.E.E. from Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan and a M.S.E.E. from Oregon State University.