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沙正治 Jim Sha

Mr. James C. Sha, Jim has been a General Partner of Apogee Venture Group, an early stage venture investment and consulting firm, since October 1998. Mr. Sha founded Spring Creek Ventures in 1998 and serves as its managing partner. He served as Chief Executive Officer for, a global Chinese Internet portal company. Mr. Sha served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Astra Business Systems, a Netscape and GE Information Services joint venture. He also served as Senior Vice President of Commerce Solutions at Netscape Communications from 1996 to 1998. He is the founder of the Netscape Communications’ commerce products operation. From 1994 to 1996 , he served as Vice President and General Manager of business-to-consumer integrated application at Netscape. At Actra, Mr. Sha led the pioneering effort of building business-to-business e-commerce application systems. He also served as Vice President and General Manager of integrated applications.

Prior to Netscape, Mr. Sha served as Vice President of the UNIX Product Division at Oracle Corporation. He served as Vice President and General Manager, Advanced Systems, Wyse Technology. Mr. Sha held various executive management positions at Wyse Technology and Intel Corporation. Mr. Sha serves as Chairman of Armorize Technologies Inc. and has been its Board Member since June 1998. He serves as Chairman of Monte Jade Global Association. He serves as a Director of MedioStream Inc, Director of Above net Communications Inc, and previous Director of eTime Capital, Inc.

Mr. Sha holds a Master of Science degree in EECS from the University of California at Berkeley, a Master of Business Administration degree from Santa Clara University, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Taiwan University.