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林富元 Bob Lin

Bob Lin is the founder of Multi-Dimensional Venture Partners, an angel venture group from Silicon Valley and Chairman of Healhtlink Services, a nation-wide medical assistance company in China. He also co-founded and served as General Partner for Acorn Campus and Acorn Angels since late 90’s. Bob has over 25 years of angel and venture investment expertise with multiple IPOs. He also serves as a partner in PHYCOS Consulting, a very prestigious consulting firm for high level businesses, entrepreneurs, and government. Bob has a long history of entrepreneurial start-up and international business, marketing, and management experiences. He was well known for launching investments for Avanti (IPO ’95 25x), AltiGen (IPO ‘97) and LightLogic (Sold to Intel for $400M ’01 for 100x). He was an early investor in Vertex Network (Sold to Mitel for $200M ’99, 20x), and MPS (IPO ’04 70x). He was also the co-founder of Pine Photonics (sold to Opnext ’03; IPO ‘07) and Luxnet (Planned IPO 2010). His other portfolios include Fortinet (IPO 2009), Anda Network, MONDAY Tech (sold to Yahoo ‘08) and many more.

Bob has been a board director or advisor in the past and present to Pine Photonics of California, SilverPlus of California, Monday Technologies (sold ’08), Greatland Electronics, and Luxnet, of Taiwan; EPIN Technologies, Kingstar Winning of China.

Bob is also the author of four top selling books in Asia: “Find Your Way To Success & Happiness” in 2003 (Top seller of the year); “Creating Value to Differentiate” in 2004 (Honored with the National Level Golden Book Award); as well as “Build Your Career From Where You Are”, best seller in 2005. His 4th book “It is easy to be super happy” became the top seller in late 2007. He is working on the 5th book “Everyday bring new path to life” with one of the largest publishers in Asia.

Bob is also the leading columnist for the largest business/investment newspaper in Taiwan “Economic Daily News”, and “Commercial Times” as well as many leading investment magazines in China. He has been a long time guitarist and pianist in the popular rock band “Southern Breed” in the ‘60s in Asia and “Silicon Valley Band” present days.

Bob served as Chairman of Global Monte Jade Association, considered one of the most influential Chinese hi-tech executive associations worldwide. He was the Chairman in Chinese Association of International Trade (CAIT) twice in a row and a Board member of Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce twice. He has also served both as the Commissioner and the Chairman of Santa Clara County – HsinChu County Commission, and is very active in community service.

Bob has a MSEE degree from University of California at Santa Barbara.